The Denver Fly Fishing Show – Beers, Bobbins, & Beards

John Geirach was just cruising around the massive showroom floor like a wise old brown trout, being very selective about what he might want to take home. He looked haggard. Like he just drove straight to the show after mouse fishing all night.  But he’s John Geirach and doesn’t give a shit. Curiously enough, likeContinue reading “The Denver Fly Fishing Show – Beers, Bobbins, & Beards”

Gear Review: Fishpond Boat Net

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Looking the part is half the battle in any activity. But don’t think for a second I’m buying tight grey baseball pants for my old man softball league. My jean shorts are accomplishing both forty-plus style and total abandonment of being cool any more, thank youContinue reading “Gear Review: Fishpond Boat Net”

Gear Review: Davis Wall Tent

If your garage ever sets on fire, there is one item we all have in our minds right now that we would grab. Photo albums, antique fly rod, your motorcycle, or maybe even that vintage November 1980 issue of Playboy magazine you just can’t seem to part with because you are a little sentimental. NotContinue reading “Gear Review: Davis Wall Tent”

Rovr – The Perfect Cooler?

I started my life watching the old red and white IGLOO fall apart over a single summer as it was strapped by bungees to the bed of a flatbed ranch truck. It was duct taped where cracked and the handles, long fallen off, were replaced by bolted in cabinet hardware. Fond memories, no doubt, ofContinue reading “Rovr – The Perfect Cooler?”

Kelty Camp Chair – Best on the Market

Sorry REI, but you just go ahead and stick to the lightweight granola backpacker gear. Kelty has the complete camp chair figured out. Probably why REI sells them as well. They kick ass. I ended up replacing most of our camp chairs with the Discovery Lowdown Chair. We’ve had the older model for years andContinue reading “Kelty Camp Chair – Best on the Market”

Review – TFO Lefty Kreh 9′, 4 Weight

Temple Fork Outfitters has been making very high quality rods for so long, they ran out of names so they started naming them after famous fly fishermen. Or something like that. Audi never seems to run out of new names for their yuppy sports cars, but X and Z models are getting tired in myContinue reading “Review – TFO Lefty Kreh 9′, 4 Weight”

Review – Ross Cimarron II Reel – ‘Merica

The Ross Reel attached to a Thomas & Thomas is like having two hot girlfriends that love each other. And they both live for fishing. I purchased the Animas 5 Wt. at M.W. Reynolds in downtown Denver on sale, and it is wonderful. When paired with the right 5-6 weight rod, it is like holdingContinue reading “Review – Ross Cimarron II Reel – ‘Merica”