River Cleanup on a Raft – Protect Our Rivers makes it happen!!!

Let’s just start out by clarifying nobody got a rash or tetanus from the South Platte River water which leads me to believe the water is a bit cleaner than I had given it credit for. Unlike most river cleanups, this effort by our friends at Protect Our Rivers combines hard working volunteers on footContinue reading “River Cleanup on a Raft – Protect Our Rivers makes it happen!!!”

3rd Annual – A Cleaner Clear – Recap

It was a sunny day at Twin Lakes Park on the banks of Clear Creek. 105 dedicated volunteers filled bags for 4 hours and cleaned over 2.5 miles of river. That’s the condensed fact sheet. The impact of trash and crap cleaned up out of the creek was measured in thousands of pounds. Adams CountyContinue reading “3rd Annual – A Cleaner Clear – Recap”

!!! 3rd Freaking Annual – A Cleaner Clear !!!

Time to get your hands dirty and your water clean. Clear Creek needs your love again this year because some people just aren’t getting the memo about the ill effects of trashing the planet. Seems to me another show of organized action is in order. This year we are doubling our efforts and teaming withContinue reading “!!! 3rd Freaking Annual – A Cleaner Clear !!!”

Dispersed Camping – Meadow Creek

Dispersed camping is sometimes the best test of a marriage. Packing, meal prep, miles of rough roads with only the Colorado Gazetteer and hope to decide the boom or bust of a weekend in the wilderness can put an unnecessary strain on the bond between two typically easy going people. Add three restless girls andContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Meadow Creek”

Campground – Arapahoe Bay

Reserved campgrounds. Some can lead to breathtaking views and pure existential experiences, and some just suck. Depending on your site, the Arapahoe Bay paid campground can be either one. Maybe we are just the luckiest bunch of campers in the country, or maybe our research lends to better decisions. I tend toward the latter. InContinue reading “Campground – Arapahoe Bay”

The Denver Fly Fishing Show – Beers, Bobbins, & Beards

John Geirach was just cruising around the massive showroom floor like a wise old brown trout, being very selective about what he might want to take home. He looked haggard. Like he just drove straight to the show after mouse fishing all night.  But he’s John Geirach and doesn’t give a shit. Curiously enough, likeContinue reading “The Denver Fly Fishing Show – Beers, Bobbins, & Beards”

To Disperse or Reserve

This weekend we loaded up the truck on a Friday afternoon to camp. I would typically never, ever, consider camping on a Friday because at that point all the good dispersed spots would be taken by childless youngsters fully outfitted with expensive REI gear on unemployment. My wife and lifelong camping partner and I wouldContinue reading “To Disperse or Reserve”

A Cleaner Clear 2021 – 2nd Annual!!!!

Ever picked up a random piece of trash and won a $150 Patagonia bag? How about a 4 banger roof rack River Quiver from Riversmith? Or maybe you like ice cream. Our great friends at Scoops Homemade Ice Cream have some prizes you might get all over your face. If you said no, then youContinue reading “A Cleaner Clear 2021 – 2nd Annual!!!!”

Campground (SD) – Grizzly Creek

Remember that time you booked the trip of a lifetime to Thailand and a pandemic shut down the entire planet, except for the Trump Kool-Aid drinking South Dakota part and you decided to check out camping in another state instead? I mean, the Black Hills are sort of like Thailand. Except for literally everything. ButContinue reading “Campground (SD) – Grizzly Creek”

Campground – The Ledge near Moab, UT

What a trip this was going to be! Two new dogs, 5 kids, two rafts, and camping in March. We were going to get this camping season started early in 2019 come hell or high water. The road from Denver to the Utah desert was long and Ned’s (our energetic canine) car legs were shakyContinue reading “Campground – The Ledge near Moab, UT”

How To: Host a River Cleanup

Since we hosted the Clear Creek river cleanup in September (A Cleaner Clear), there have been a large amount of folks asking when the next cleanup will be and how they can get involved in the future with others. This makes my heart soar like a hawk. Just to hear that folks are passionate aboutContinue reading “How To: Host a River Cleanup”

Gear Review: Fishpond Boat Net

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Looking the part is half the battle in any activity. But don’t think for a second I’m buying tight grey baseball pants for my old man softball league. My jean shorts are accomplishing both forty-plus style and total abandonment of being cool any more, thank youContinue reading “Gear Review: Fishpond Boat Net”