No Better Time Than Now

This morning, I looked down at my beat-to-hell tennis shoes. I had purchased them in early spring to be sported as hip, casual office attire. Although at forty-one, being hip is failing me miserably. These sweet “kicks” saw the office a only few times before the Stay-At-Home order relegated them to being my everyday shoes.Continue reading “No Better Time Than Now”

A Cleaner Clear (Stream/Pond Cleanup)

Hello friends of Planet Earth. Put September 12th on your calendar! Confluences & Influences with Denver Trout Unlimited, Adams County Parks & Rec., The Greenway Foundation, Prodigy Coffeehouse, Rep Your Water, Thrivent Financial, Blue Quill Angler, Trouts, Fishpond, NAPA, and many local businesses are organizing a cleanup of Clear Creek as well as a smallContinue reading “A Cleaner Clear (Stream/Pond Cleanup)”

Pearl Jam and Kansas Porn

Last summer I did what millions of people have done while on their way to somewhere beautiful. I drove through Kansas. With a marathon ten hours of chewing up blacktop, I had time to observe the small variations in the Great Plains landscape. When named “Great”, that word had a different meaning than our modernContinue reading “Pearl Jam and Kansas Porn”