3rd Annual – A Cleaner Clear – Recap

It was a sunny day at Twin Lakes Park on the banks of Clear Creek. 105 dedicated volunteers filled bags for 4 hours and cleaned over 2.5 miles of river. That’s the condensed fact sheet. The impact of trash and crap cleaned up out of the creek was measured in thousands of pounds. Adams CountyContinue reading “3rd Annual – A Cleaner Clear – Recap”

To Disperse or Reserve

This weekend we loaded up the truck on a Friday afternoon to camp. I would typically never, ever, consider camping on a Friday because at that point all the good dispersed spots would be taken by childless youngsters fully outfitted with expensive REI gear on unemployment. My wife and lifelong camping partner and I wouldContinue reading “To Disperse or Reserve”

How To: Host a River Cleanup

Since we hosted the Clear Creek river cleanup in September (A Cleaner Clear), there have been a large amount of folks asking when the next cleanup will be and how they can get involved in the future with others. This makes my heart soar like a hawk. Just to hear that folks are passionate aboutContinue reading “How To: Host a River Cleanup”

How To – Find Dispersed Camping

Another lengthy installment of How To? You got it! Today’s advice focuses on the most effective way to put some distance between you and and the next set of campers. This is beyond 6′ social distancing. This is “I don’t want to smell your fire or hear you fighting with your wife” type of distancing.Continue reading “How To – Find Dispersed Camping”

How To: Up Your Lame-Ass S’mores Game

It’s 2020. The year everyone decided they would try camping. Lord save us. With camping comes camp food. And there is only one dessert we associate with camping. S’mores. Graham crackers, marshmallows, Hersheys. Boring A.F. Now listen up! This is your easiest chance to look like a professional camper. Try something new and impress yourContinue reading “How To: Up Your Lame-Ass S’mores Game”

How To: Poop in the Woods

Toilet Paper was a hot commodity a few months ago during the first panic-stricken weeks of COVID-19, but look at us all now. Clean as a whistle. Records show that before we pampered our asses with luxury lotion-infused Charmin, people used all sorts of items. Rocks, leaves, sticks, live muskrats. Ever try to freshen upContinue reading “How To: Poop in the Woods”

How To: Birdwatch Before Retirement

First of all, if you are under sixty years old, be prepared to catch various amounts of hell about bird watching. For some reason, people believe that bird watching is like knitting. Reserved for the old and in the way. The bird nerd conjures up images of the quintessential retired white couple at a nondescriptContinue reading “How To: Birdwatch Before Retirement”