Maybe the draw to the outdoors is reasonably strong because I spend the greater part of my time designing the built environment, staring longingly out the window at nature moving past at a slightly less accelerated pace. Outside my windows or tent flaps, the planet and its creatures settle in at a decidedly more deliberate celestial pace. And although I haven’t learned much in my time here on the little blue planet, I am certain my time is short. Therefore, I thought it important to share the more interesting things I’ve learned, mostly with a fly rod.

Short Stories

Stories from the field and beyond. Enter a strange world.


Divulging all of our best spots to camp in Colorado and beyond.

Gear Reviews

My take on products I have put to the test time and again, and can’t live without.

How To Do Stuff

A wide array of endeavors I’ve taken on and failed until I succeeded.

What People Say

The Confluences is a twisting journey through the perils and triumphs of a rural childhood and a stream of consciousness guide to fly fishing and wilderness camping in Colorado, and beyond.

– The Desperate Author