Campground – Seedhouse

Seedhouse Campground / Group Campground. Easy to get to yet far enough from Denver, and not too many idiots, besides yours truly. With pandemics and fire bans making for an interesting summer of 2020, you better call some ranger stations to see what wilderness and counties are allowing campfires (since camping without a fire sucks).Continue reading “Campground – Seedhouse”

Dispersed Camping – Flat Tops – Yampa, CO

Fire bans, COVID 19, and unemployment rates in Denver at record levels? You’re going to have to drive further baby! Once upon a time I would hit the road to a green area on the frayed Colorado Gazetteer and with fingers crossed, find a nice little dispersed campsite near a babbling brook full of eagerContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Flat Tops – Yampa, CO”

Dispersed Camping – Half Moon Creek, CO

Oh Colorado. Where else can you drive down a dusty forest road among fourteen thousand foot peaks and pristine mountain streams just to camp next to hipsters, hunters, hikers, millennials, rednecks, Midwesterners, Texans, and other assorted douche bags? I just had an epiphany. What if we rounded up all the politicians, threw them into aContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Half Moon Creek, CO”

Dispersed Camping – Twin Lakes, CO

If you’ve never driven through the Arkansas River valley in Colorado, you are a complete jackass and living like a hermit. The highest mountains in the US Rocky Mountains tower high above the river and the cool little towns that dot the valley are all worth spending a few days in. This mountain range makesContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Twin Lakes, CO”

Dispersed Camping – Upper Williams Fork, CO

This area is scenic, but not the highest ranking on our list. That said, there are several dispersed camping spots in the area, excellent fishing, and an abundance of wildlife. The first time we camped here was many years ago. The one thing that made this trip noticeably different from the rest though was thatContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Upper Williams Fork, CO”

Dispersed Camping – East Fork Arapahoe Creek Near Walden, CO

This place had been on my list for at least a couple of years.  I’d been staring at Google Earth dreaming about what this wilderness flanking Steamboat valley and Rocky Mountain National Park would hold.  We knew it would be a long drive so we decided to put in a much longer weekend so weContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – East Fork Arapahoe Creek Near Walden, CO”

Dispersed Camping – Dunn Ditch Leadville, CO

Last year was the second year in a row we made the trip up the mountain for the Leadville Heavy Half marathon, and despite buying trail running shoes I didn’t attempt the brutality that is this race.  Running up a mountain with my newly acquired plantar fasciitis feeling like nails being driven into my heelContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Dunn Ditch Leadville, CO”

Dispersed Camping – Lost Creek Wilderness

This is us beginning to give away all of the free dispersed campsites. Hesitant as I am, it is no secret that camping in Colorado and elsewhere in the Rockies can be achieved for free if you don’t mind leaving early, getting lost, pooping in the woods, and amazing rewards. We’ll start with Lost CreekContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Lost Creek Wilderness”

Dispersed Camping – Piney River

The road is long and rough to Piney Lake, Colorado. Dispersed camping spots are few and far between, therefore, one must hit the road on a Thursday or early Friday morning in order to nab one. Going in the off-season is also a good idea. As you can tell from the photos below, we campedContinue reading “Dispersed Camping – Piney River”