Campground – Seedhouse

Seedhouse Campground / Group Campground. Easy to get to yet far enough from Denver, and not too many idiots, besides yours truly. With pandemics and fire bans making for an interesting summer of 2020, you better call some ranger stations to see what wilderness and counties are allowing campfires (since camping without a fire sucks). That’s like camping without beer. Just stupid.

Passing the time with some archery competitions.

Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest (this week) only has a Stage 1 fire ban, but that means only campfires in designated spots. Not in Dispersed areas. As always call ahead to the ranger stations in the areas you are going to camp in. A link to all Fire Bans is here. Click on the area on the map and you can find the phone numbers for the stations. On your way in or out, do not miss the Clark Store. Like Luckenbach, Texas, it is a small store in the middle of nowhere that boasts all that you need. It serves as the post office, liquor store, deli, and pizza joint. Grab a sticker for your cooler.

If this place doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.

This Group Site is very exposed and when we were there it was hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock. All the trees in the site have been cleared since the piece of shit pine beetles killed them all. The forest service has planted trees but they are only as tall as a tall adult. Wisely, they built a shade pavilion with picnic tables to beat the heat and the afternoon showers. The water pump is a workout but the water is cold and clean coming out. I wouldn’t say the bathrooms are pleasurable, but they are not disgusting.

The old water pump. If you didn’t watch cartoons in the 80’s you may need directions.

If you are in the area camping or whatever, reserve tickets at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. It has only improved over the years with better facilities but still that gypsy feel we have come to love over the past fifteen years. Beware the After Dark crowd. They bath naturally.

Strawberry Park is even better in during a pandemic. Fewer people!

It is a short hike from the parking area to the actual camping area, but if you are pulling your food and beer in a Rovr, there is nothing to worry about baby!

Best cooler we’ve ever owned.

From this area there are excellent hiking opportunities including the Zirkel Circle if you are in great shape and leave early.

Also, the Elk river is worth fishing. It is hard to get to in most places because the banks are so overgrown, but once you get to the river, the bugs are everywhere and it’s a must to sling some big stimulators to the pools and riffles. The aggressive brookies are exactly where you think they are and beautiful. The occasional Brown Trout will also rise, but they are few and far between the higher you go.

The brook trout are eating size, and quite delicious with pepper, salt, and a great deal of butter.

From the end of the road, hike up to one of many high alpine lakes for large cutthroats but be ready for a strenuous hike. Probably why there are so many fish up there. Keeps the weak at heart from getting up there.

From Steamboat Springs, head north onto Elk River Road 129 towards Clark. In about a mile, turn right onto Seedhouse Road 64. Look for the five lazy bay horses. Stay on that road and you will end up seeing the signs for the Seedhouse campground and then the Group Site (which you will obviously need a reservation for). See the map below for the site location.

If you want to disperse camp in the area, look for road 400 that parallels the river. Can be crowded so get there early. See map below and even more here.

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I grew up in the middle of nowhere Texas. The nearest Walmart was a full two hours away. My family still runs a ranch back home that I grew up on, but at some point in my treasured youth I hung up the idea of becoming a cowboy, and pursued my passion for architecture. Today I still find myself trying to fit in to a life that has treated me with the average ups and downs one can expect after a certain number of years. My wife and I moved to Denver after attending Texas Tech School of Architecture in Lubbock as we needed a grade change from the Llano Estacado. We camp with our three growing girls all summer and into the fall while I write and create and fly fish to maintain sanity. Life is moving fast as our careers and children progress in all areas, so being outdoors with each other keeps us mostly grounded.

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